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Analysis and insights

A water droplet on a leaf for analysis and insights in natural capital accountingWe work with organisations to understand the way they use and rely on natural capital. We use data analysis and quantitative techniques to do this.

Science-based targets

Using a natural capital approach, we work with you to establish rigorous, local scale carbon, water and biodiversity targets for land use and nature restoration.

Risk and opportunities

As nature declines, natural capital is put at risk and nature’s capacity to produce ecosystem services is reduced. The way that an organisation relies on these ecosystem services will translate into financial risks for the organisation but, equally, there may be opportunities from investing in ecosystems.

Scenario analysis

We analyse standard and custom-tailored scenarios that incorporate physical and transition risk to enable an understand your risk exposure, strategic objectives, and the interplay between climate change and nature.

Supply chain analysis

We provide a comprehensive view of risks and opportunities in supply chains by mapping the flows of environmental inputs to standard supply chains, describing environmental footprints and carbon balances, supporting extended input-output and CGE modelling, and analysing productivity.

Co-benefit analysis and reporting

Co-benefit analysis enables an understanding of habitat and species indicators, ecosystem health indicators, ecosystem service valuation and the measurement of Gross Ecosystem Product.


Gain comfort over the data and reporting requirements for entry into key markets to ensure your social license to operate.

Case studies: Analysis and insights