Measuring the benefits of nature


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First, we recognise our connection to a location in nature.


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Then we use natural capital accounting to measure the benefits nature provides.


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This information is used to support decision-making.


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The Natural Capital Protocol defines natural capital as the stock of renewable and non-renewable natural resources (e.g., plants, animals, air, water, soils,
minerals) that combine to yield a flow of benefits to people.

Nature doesn’t exist in isolation; people and communities are connected to it.

Nature provides us with enormous benefits.

We can measure some of these benefits in a financial sense but nature also provides benefits beyond dollar amounts.

Natural capital accountants measure natural capital and the benefits it provides.


What we do

We use natural capital approaches to measure our connection to nature, leading to informed decisions and sustainable outcomes.

We work with governments, businesses and communities in Australia and around the world.

We use world-leading technology and methodologies to measure the benefits of nature for our clients and partners.

We can help you use natural capital accounting to improve your business and inform stakeholders about the benefits you are creating for the community and the environment.

We work with you in a phased approach, tailored to your needs.

Our proven processes capture and present the benefits of nature in a cost-effective way.

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Advisory services

We design strategies for organisations to improve their management of natural capital. We ensure your business considers that latest developments in economics, accounting and science.

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Environmental markets. We can assist with all aspects of environmental market design and operation. This creates new opportunities with your existing assets and drive economically efficient environmental management and resource allocation.

Sustainable finance. We support the design of products such as blue/green bonds and sustainability-linked financial products with our knowledge of market design and natural capital accounting.

Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures. The TNFD framework includes a four-pillar LEAP approach and provides principles for financial disclosure and assessing risks and opportunities concerning natural capital. We will help you prepare for and understand TNFD. Read more about our approach to TNFD here (PDF).

Environmental Social and Governance. We establish reporting, strategic and risk management solutions that are underpinned by data and demonstrate appropriate governance. This enables accurate reporting against targets and objectives, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Analysis and insights

We work with organisations to understand the way they use and rely on natural capital. We use data analysis and quantitative techniques to do this.

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Science-based targets. Using a natural capital approach, we work with you to establish rigorous, local scale carbon, water and biodiversity targets for land use and nature restoration.

Risk and opportunities. As nature declines, natural capital is put at risk and nature’s capacity to produce ecosystem services is reduced. The way that an organisation relies on these ecosystem services will translate into financial risks for the organisation but, equally, there may be opportunities from investing in ecosystems.

Scenario analysis. We analyse standard and custom-tailored scenarios that incorporate physical and transition risk to enable an understand your risk exposure, strategic objectives, and the interplay between climate change and nature.

Supply chain analysis. We provide a comprehensive view of risks and opportunities in supply chains by mapping the flows of environmental inputs to standard supply chains, describing environmental footprints and carbon balances, supporting extended input-output and CGE modelling, and analysing productivity.

Co-benefit analysis and reporting. Co-benefit analysis enables an understanding of habitat and species indicators, ecosystem health indicators, ecosystem service valuation and the measurement of Gross Ecosystem Product.

Certification. Gain comfort over the data and reporting requirements for entry into key markets to ensure your social license to operate.

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Accounting services

We compile natural capital accounts for private and public sector organisations.

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Natural capital accounts for governments. We work with organisations to create a set of accounts that use the United Nation’s global standard, the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA), and include measures of natural capital wealth, enhancement and degradation.

Corporate Natural Capital Accounts. We build a register of environmental assets as the basis for a natural capital Balance Sheet and Income Statement. We apply relevant corporate guidance including the Natural Capital Protocol, British Standards Institute (BS 8632) for Organisations and the Biodiversity Protocol.

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Data services

We provide a complete range of natural capital data services. We assess natural capital related information systems and data. We provide advice for improving natural capital information management and develop business information standards. We also offer training in natural capital data management and accounting.

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Data management and transformation including sourcing information from geospatial and satellite technology.

Ecosystem services modelling and valuation that builds on an understanding of asset condition.

Framework and systems design to suit an organisation’s needs.

Data quality assessment and assurance to give you peace of mind that your data is effectively measuring the benefits of nature.

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We provide tailored software and tools for you to organise natural capital data and create information products that inform decision making. Find out more at


Who we are


IDEEA Group are world leaders in natural capital accounting. We provide best-practice policy, strategic advice, methods and tools for the management of natural capital.

We apply an ecosystem-based spatial approach to support the management of natural capital. This is in line with the United Nations global standards on natural capital accounting described in the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (UN SEEA).

We’re a group of economists, data scientists and environmental accountants who understand natural capital accounting through and through.

We’re based in Melbourne, Australia, but we work with organisations around the globe.

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Our clients come from sectors involved in natural resource management all around the world, and each faces unique opportunities and challenges.
In parallel to our client work, we deliver enormous value to the research sector in Australia and around the world. We develop papers, theories and approaches in collaboration with partner institutions.




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