Linking SEEA and the Natural Capital Protocol

A common framework is required to scale efforts across the public and private sector to improve natural capital outcomes.

IDEEA Group are leading the Natural Capital Coalition’s Combining Forces initiative, an ongoing process to integrate private and public sector work on natural capital and work towards harmonising the complementary principles of the Natural Capital Protocol and the SEEA. Key benefits of this alignment include shared communications and vision, shared data and valuations, enhanced standardisation and mainstreaming, aligned terminology, inclusive decision-making, enhanced synergies between entities and enhanced capacity building and understanding.

Combining Forces

The ‘Combining Forces’ program was established to bring together the public and private sectors’ thinking on natural capital (Natural Capital Coalition, 2017). The objective of Combining Forces is to foster a greater mutual understanding of different approaches to the assessment of natural capital and to co-ordinate efforts to ensure that our relationship with nature is accounted for and included in decision-making. At the core of Combining Forces is the belief that single and disparate voices on natural capital will not be sufficient to make the systemic changes in decision making that are needed.

Download the IDEEA Group Paper published in late in 2017 that addresses potential areas of overlap between SEEA and the Natural Capital Protocol (NCP)

Visit the Combining Forces page to see how you can be involved in progressing this important work.