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Many people and organisations may have heard about environmental-economic accounting (EEA) but are not sure if it is useful for them. Common questions and comments we hear include:

  • Isn’t EEA for national level reporting, how is it relevant for business and regions?
  • Can you use EEA to undertake return on investment analysis?
  • What type of data do I need?
  • We are data poor and don’t have a data management system, so EEA won’t work for us!
  • We already have a Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (MER) process in place, why would we use EEA?

A quick and low-cost approach to assessing the application of EEA to your business or region is to undertake a feasibility study. A feasibility study can vary in the depth of its analysis and may include: basic introduction and training; an assessment of data and systems; and an analysis of current strategies and plans and how EEA may be useful to you.

Please contact us for more information on how a feasibility study might be a great investment for you.