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For the past few years, IDEEA Group has been working with the Irish Natural Capital Accounting for Sustainable Environments – INCASE – project to support the establishment of natural capital accounts for in Ireland.

INCASE is not just focused on developing a set of natural capital accounts, but is also committed to widely promoting the need for better management of Ireland’s natural capital assets, and to linking the accounts to economic modelling. This will enable better informed, more holistic decision making to achieve more balanced outcomes for Ireland’s economy and its natural environment. The project is applying the UN’s System for Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) and has a focus on bringing together industry-based groups, local catchment authorities and many other stakeholders under the auspices of Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency.

As a key partner in this effort, IDEEA Group is delighted to share the video released today by INCASE, which provides a high-level overview of the need for natural capital accounting.

For anyone interested in learning more about INCASE, we suggest you should check out their website. You might also be interested to learn more about the rationale underlying the INCASE project, which is broadly relevant for catchment level decision makers everywhere, as detailed in the INCASE feasibility report.

Finally if you would like to see more of IDEEA Group’s work on natural capital accounting and integrated catchment management check out this link and contact us for more information on how natural capital accounting can apply in your context.