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The Partnership on Cooperation on Natural Capital Accounting, Environmental Economic Accounting, and Related Statistics has a new member.

Canada has joined Australia and the United States, formalising this important international agreement that, once again, puts the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) at the centre of global natural capital accounting.

We congratulate all partners on this substantial expansion of the group.

The partnership will focus on:

  • developing a common approach to natural capital accounting using the SEEA
  • sharing experiences, methods and learnings on topics that the participants have in common including:
    • accounting for large and biodiverse spatial areas with sizable and diverse land and water interests
    • coordinating across multiple states and territories
    • weaving in diverse cultures, including those of Indigenous p
  • facilitating opportunities for global leadership and agenda setting.

The partnership includes the following actions:

  • Senior Official Dialogue – meeting once per year
  • Technical Working Group – meeting every six months
  • global leadership.

Read the full update from the White House here.