Mark Eigenraam
Mark EigenraamLeading stakeholder engagement around the practical implementation of NCA
For more than twenty years Mark has lead research, development and application of environmental markets and ecosystem accounting. This work has engaged a wide variety of industries, academic institutions and government agencies at regional, state and national levels. It has equipped Mark with a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding the sustainable management of natural capital.

Mark has applied his market-based experience to inform Australia’s approach to environmental-economic accounting. He produced Australia’s first set of experimental ecosystem accounts and continues to develop new systems and processes to publish Australian environmental accounts in line with SEEA.

As principal of IDEEA, Mark continues to advise governments, statutory authorities, NGOs and private sector organisations around the world in the application of NCA.

Carl Obst
Carl ObstLeading adaptation of SEEA principles to the design of context specific NCA solutions
Carl was the lead author and editor of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) – the international standard for this area of work. This work built on a long career working in the national accounts, including 5 years as head of the Australian national accounts, and roles in the advancement of various national accounting work including the measurement of financial output, productivity and capital stock, tourism accounts and measures of sustainable development.

Using this rich understanding of national accounts concepts and practice, and his experience in engaging with policy makers in the use of accounts, Carl is able to confidently convey national accounting ideas across sectors and disciplines and find solutions for the integration of environmental and economic data. In recent years he has been a leading player in closing the gap between national and corporate accounting approaches to natural capital accounting and also in bridging the differences in view on valuation between accountants and economists.

Reiss Mcleod
Reiss McleodApplying NCA to address challenges and opportunities across the public and private sector
Reiss is an economist with the IDEEA Group and plays a leading role in the practical application of natural capital accounting. Reiss’s approach to natural capital accounting starts with understanding IDEEA Group’s clients unique challenges and opportunities and how NCA can address them. He has experience in compiling accounts both in the public and private sector and across a number of contexts including Irish peatlands, Australian oceans, Tasmanian forests, Melbourne’s urban and rural areas, and China’s industrial parks. Reiss is experienced in spatial data and analytics and integrating environmental and economic information to deliver insights that are relevant for communication and decision making. Prior to working at IDEEA Group Reiss spent time working in Laos with Monash University and at the Victorian Government. Reiss has completed a Masters in Economics.