Natural Capital Accounting

Integrated Capital Accounting Tool (ICAT®) for Natural Capital Managers

Natural capital defines the spatial context for integrated capital accounting Integrated Capital Accounting Tool (ICAT®) for Natural Capital Managers, Version 2.0 (May 2020) introduces a powerful new methodology for integrated capital accounting, building upon the spatial analysis approach that underpins [...]

Integrating Natural Capital into Sustainable Development Decision-Making in Uganda

Biodiversity is an essential part of Uganda’s ‘natural capital stock’, allowing the delivery of the ecosystem services that support economic activity and the wellbeing of its people. Since 2015, UNEP-WCMC with IDEEA Group others have worked on a number of projects to facilitate the [...]

Combining Forces: efforts to prevent the degradation and depletion of natural capital must be consolidated, life on Earth necessitates it.

Numerous efforts and initiatives to advance and develop natural capital thinking have emerged over the past 10 years. The approaches vary across disciplines and the private and public sectors resulting in a cluttered and confusing landscape. Are they competing, are they [...]